Second Century, LLC (SCLLC) is the company managing the Guthrie Family farm property. It is owned and operated by the Guthrie Family (Denise Daly, Dana Guthrie, Doreen Garland, Nicole Guthrie).

GreenView Farm (managed by Denise Daly) and Dunmovin’ Farm (managed by Doreen Garland) are two Equestrian Boarding Facilities located on the property.

The Indoor and Outdoor Arenas are available to rent by others needing a place to run a horse show or equestrians looking for a place to train\ride their horse. See the ‘Facility Rental’ page for more information

Business Philosophy
Second Century LLC is focused on providing quality land management for equestrian use. We strive to provide the best possible experience for trainers, riders, and horses, through safe facilities, customer service, open communication, and dedication to the Equine industry. Our guiding values include, respect for all animals and people, conducting business with integrity, and taking responsibility for our actions.

Mission Statement:
· Our mission is to provide a safe environment for equestrian training, boarding, events, and trail riding.
· We are committed to land conservation and stewardship.